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Sikh Wedding A lovely And Stylish Matchmaking Ceremony Will Have A Big Fun

Sikh matchmaking is one of the best when it comes to finding out the compatibility in the bride and the groom. Any person will rarely found a bride who does not match the heights and standards of the groom or vice-versa. In this way, one can find the beauty of the wedding to go for a long time and the person who is into Sikh wedding finds the ideal match as in most of the cases it is solemnized by the girl herself. The girl in Sikh does not believe about the person being poor or the rich background but the common mantra is about being a hardworking person whop never denies for any work given by the elders.

The person who over reacts at the time of work is not considered to be good one and is also thought that he will never succeed in life. The person who is into Sikh matchmaking always says that Sikh is all about deeds and not about the religion which is self respect, hardworking and truthful. The thought process behind giving the person another chance in life is through the ways of understanding his way of behaviour, ethics and most of the time it is said that the person in Sikh becomes more mature after his marriage is solemnized with the kind of beauty he wants to marry.

It is said that the woman brings more of maturity and tenderness into the person’s life and thus he becomes more of a self respecting individual thus completing the meaning of Sikh matchmaking. If one person believes the saying of the Guru then the person can find the ideal match in their community through the various ways such as “Gurdwara Sahib” meetings or the family outings of different groups which are associated with each other. Also, with the community which is into being internet savvy they can be found in various tabloids and the person can do the ideal Sikh matchmaking through the websites like Punjabiwedding.com.

Once the wedding gets solemnized with the help of Sikh matchmaking groups then the fun and frolic goes on till the wedding and forever. The person in the Sikh wedding comes up with the great ways to enjoy the fervour which is very much of the song and dance routine resembling the Bollywood and thus help to enjoy the beauty of the marriage which lasts for along time in life after the “Anand Karaj” happens in life. This is the very first ritual of the Sikh wedding whereupon the entire holy Guru Granth Sahib is reading within two days. The Puja place must be decorated and neat or clean for this subh puja.

Akhand Paath

We offer you the best services regarding your search criteria for Punjabi bride and groom. If you are looking for someone special thus you have a number of options to find a perfect match.

Chunni Chadana

Chunni Chadana the bride is given the auspicious red color chunni with some customary, essential ingredients like some awesome gifts, match making jewelry and sweets.


Mehndi ceremony is a very interesting ceremony when it is pasted on a bride’s hand and feet as well as all female guests and relatives paste Mehndi on their palms and feet.This really makes nice bridal look.

The Laavan

Lavaan ritual includes four prayers that declare the holy union of the couple. This prayer is conducted in Gurudwara by priests. The Guru Granth Sahib holy book signifies the union or a loving relationship of the bride and groom.

Wedding Attire

On the wedding day a Sikh groom wears a traditional churidaar with Kareem or a western suit. And a Sikh bride wears a customary attire as red heavy embroidered salwaar kameez or lehnga with special ornamented jewelry.

Sikh Community

Sikh wedding ceremony is celebrated with lots of fun-loving ceremonies. In the Sikh matrimony people enjoy a lot having full fun and Masti. This wedding ceremony takes a long time to conduct all the religious and cultural practices.

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